September 18, 2017

by Genevieve Anton

Yard or garage sales have been around for years, and for good reason. They're a simple way for people to get rid of stuff they don't want anymore, while at the same time making a little money. Whether it's baby clothes your kids have outgrown, that perfectly functional TV you replaced with a newer model, or just that old leather jacket you've been hanging onto even though it's never going to fit, a garage sale was always a great way to lear the air, and put some green in your pocket at the same time.

In recent years, these sales have become more than a way to dispose of old stuff - people are actually bidding on items through online self storage auctions and re-selling it at flea markets, garage sales and other outlets for a profit.

On-Site Sales Have Their Flaws

For example, garage sales required you to be home. You had to sit out with all your stuff, and make sure people weren't just taking it. Additionally, even if you put up signs all over town, you could only reach people in your local area. Depending on where you lived, that could be a lot of people, or just a few who were in the market for something you were looking to get rid of. Lastly, though, since most people are not businesses they had to take cash or risk a check. They couldn't accept a charge card because they didn't have the equipment.

Then the internet came along and changed everything.

Bigger Audiences, and Bigger Paydays

One of the low-risk, easy and quick ways to start a business is to sell products online through direct online sales. Online sales have a distinct advantage over traditional garage and yard sales. Sellers can reach a much larger audience and those eyeballs can translate into higher sales volumes. Consider these statistics:

·      More than 50% of American prefer to shop online.

·      Millennials and Gen Xers spend 6 hours per week shopping online

·      eBay alone is home to over 164 million active buyers

·      Amazon reports the average re-seller sees a 50% increase in sales

With that many people getting online, it means it's easier than ever before to find an audience who's looking for what you're selling. Even better is that you can accept payment from someone over the Internet, without the hassle of handling cash or checks. For example, if you're selling relatively small items, you could put them up on eBay, or another auction site, and bidders can pay with a credit card. Also, you mail the items to buyers, so there's not even a necessary, in-person interaction. The buyer could be anywhere in the world with an Internet connection; all you have to do is take their item down to the post office once the payment clears.

The Tools May Change, The Community Doesn't

Bargain hunters, as a group, haven't gone away because of the Internet; they've just adapted to the online world. Instead of checking newspapers and driving around neighborhoods on the weekends, they check social media and dig through the products on auction sites and digital storefronts to find the best value for their money.

More people than ever before can now find your sales. Whether you’re an amateur  storage hunter looking to earn extra cash from the treasures you won at auction, or divesting yourself of unwanted stuff, it’s time to go online. Become a profitable reseller with a digital storefront or post your auctions on the myriad of online auction and sales sites. All this can be done on the side while we live our lives, and make at least, if not more, money as doing it the harder, old-fashioned way.

To get started with your experience as an online seller, try your hand at bidding for a self storage auction here.

Date: 09-18-2017