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Seller's FAQs

How do I post my auction?

You can post your auction by logging into your account and clicking on "POST AUCTION" in the top right hand corner.

I forgot my username. How do I find it or reset it?

Your username is the email address you used to sign up for your account. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Member Services Department at 480-900-8350.

I don’t remember my password. What do I do?

Please contact our Member Services Department at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

How long should my auction last?

The date of the auction stated in the lien notices that are sent out must match the ending date of the auction on It is recommended that the auction run about two weeks, but you can adjust the length of the auction if necessary.


How much does it cost to use the site?

As a seller, you can join our website for a low rate of 10% of each sale or pay $40/month per facility for unlimited auctions without cancellation fees.


What size should my pictures be?

For best quality and efficiency, we recommended that the size of your photos be approximately: 1600x1600 pixels. Photos that are larger or smaller than the recommended size are at risk of not loading properly or not functioning with the zoom feature on the website.


Should I charge sales tax?

It is recommended that you look over your state’s lien laws before posting your auction. Each state differs in their sales tax amount and whether it should be applied to the overall balance due at the facility. If a bidder has a reseller’s license, they must present it to you at the facility and you will then subtract the sales tax from the remaining balance listed on the invoice.


Should I require a cleaning deposit?

We strongly recommend that you require a cleaning deposit of about $100 to ensure that the bidder will clean out the unit completely and within the given time frame. If the bidder does not follow the Terms of Use in doing so, they forfeit their cleaning deposit and will be banned permanently from You should collect the cleaning deposit before allowing the bidder access to the unit.


Can I cancel the unit once it has been posted?

As a facility manager, you have the right to cancel the auction at any time.

What do I do if I open the unit for the bidder and the pictures don’t match or there is damage to the unit contents?

You should open the unit in front of the winning bidder so that both of you see the unit at the same time. If there is anything wrong with the unit, such as the unit contents not matching the pictures or if items were damaged, the bidder should notify you right away and not touch any of the items. If the bidder touches the unit contents at any time, the sale becomes final and they will be held responsible for cleaning out the unit. We recommend that you contact your district manager in regards to any refund options.


What if the tenant pays before the bidder?

When the auction closes on the website, the 48-72 hour clean out period for the winning bidder begins immediately. As stated in your state's statute, the tenant can cure their account with the facility up until the moment that the winning bidder pays for the unit in full. If the tenant arrives at the facility before the winning bidder, you must accept payment from the tenant and cancel the auction immediately. You will also need to notify the winning bidder and respectively, so we can process a refund for their buyer’s premium.


Why is the bidder paying me 10% less than the sales price?

If you opt out of our V.I.P membership option, a 10% seller’s fee will be applied to each sale. Instead of invoicing your facility after the auction closes, we apply the 10% seller’s fee to the winning bidder’s credit card on file, and then subtract that amount from the bidder’s remaining balance due at your facility. When the bidder arrives at your facility, they should pay the sales price for unit (minus 10%) plus your state’s sales tax if applicable.


The winning bidder doesn’t like the unit contents and is refusing to clean it out. What do I do?

As the facility manager, you can remind the bidder that all units up for auction are sold as is. Each bid placed on our website is considered a legal binding contract between, the winning bidder, and the facility, meaning that the bidder is still responsible for clearing out the unit. If the bidder refuses to come to an agreement, please notify us at immediately so we can mediate the sale between you and the bidder. We serve as the online platform for the auction to be held.

The winning bidder is requesting for more time to clean out the unit. Should I allow or deny their request for more time?

We hold all our bidders accountable for cleaning out the units completely and within the given clean out period. However, sometimes family or weather emergencies delay the bidder’s ability to do so. We recommend that the bidder contact you as the facility manager immediately, to discuss any arrangement options.

What is a backup bidder?

A backup bidder is the second and third bidders of the auction. When the first winner of the auction declines the unit, we give our sellers the option to sell to the next runner up or second bidder. We call the next winning bidder to ask if they are still interested in the unit if they say yes, we sell it to them for the last bid they made on the auction. If they say no, we call the next bidder in line as desired by your facility. If all bidders decline, we mark the auction as unsold, and allow you to repost it. 

How do I cancel my account?

Is there anything we can do to prevent you from leaving the website? If not, please send us an email by visiting our Contact Us page please include your name, email, and contact information that states you would like your account with us to longer be active or please contact us via phone at 480-900-8350. Once we have written confirmation, one of our customer service representatives will notate and suspend the account.

For more questions please contact us via phone at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Date: 10-09-2017